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Sponsors & Collaborators

A key strength of the group is the multi-disciplinary approach to the challenge of improving safety and efficiency in healthcare and in other high risk, dynamic domains. Together with our sponsors and collaborators, we bring a number of relevant disciplines to bear in our research: Cognitive engineering, Computer supported cooperative work, Health services research, Human computer interaction, Human factors engineering, Industrial & Organizational psychology, Information systems, Nursing informatics, and Organizational behavior.

We leverage several exciting new technological developments: Wireless & high bandwidth communication, Ubiquitous computing, Audio-video data acquisition, Sensor based interface technology, Video analysis tools, and Eyetracking technologies.

Our research is carried out in several healthcare contexts: Emergency and field medical care, Critical care, Trauma care Neurology, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Infection control, and Risk management.

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We have open GRA positions! Interested in becoming a GRA?

Student researchers have been actively involved in all phases of research, including conceptualization, data collection, prototyping, data analysis, and manuscript preparation. Students are always encouraged to work independently and to further their unique academic interests in conjunction with their education goals. Students from a wide range of academic programs with different backgrounds:

  • Nursing informatics
  • Human computer interaction
  • Information systems
  • Computer science
  • Electrical engineering
  • Organizational behavior
  • Psychology

Student researchers leverage their strengths and experiences and contribute greatly to the multidisciplinary research. At the same time, experience in research enhances their education and often help them in competing for recognition in academic programs, such as honors and merit scholarships.